Utilization of Eggshell as Valuable Products for Sustainable Ecosystem and Agriculture (Review)

Document Type : Review


Desert Agriculture and Ecosystems Program, Environment and Life Sciences Research Center, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait


Discarded as waste with the production of several tonnes per day, eggshell is a solid waste from poultry industry. Eggshell waste disposal pollutes the ecosystem by being accumulated in landfills, invites insects,   which involves high management cost. Given its beneficial effects, eggshells are valuable when transformed to new values. In other words, eggshell contains a high amount of calcium component, which contributes several benefits to human beings as well as the ecosystem. In tablet form, for instance, it supplements human health by strengthening bones to treat osteoporosis and protect teeth  stabilization. As a food additive, eggshell powder finds its place in cuisines and confectionaries. it also acts a catalyst in biodiesel production, acts as an absorbent in heavy metal removal in soil and water and is a stabilizer in civil industry. Eggshells are potentially utilized as a UV protectant in nylon and polystyrenes and are potentially used in cosmetic industry for several anti-aging skin care formulations. For sustainable agriculture, eggshells act as manure or soil stabilizer to enhance plant health.  The current review details the utilization methods of eggshell by transforming it into new forms.


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