Ultrasonographic Imaging of Reproductive Organ in Indonesian Native Chicken Hen (Gallus Domesticus)

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Veterinary Profession Education Program, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University, West Java, Indonesia

2 Departement of Clinic, Reproduction and Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University, West Java, Indonesia


Hen’s native chicken reproductive organ health status evaluation is important for raising Indonesian native chicken in order to support protein supply for people demand. This study aimed to discover the images of Indonesian hen’s native chicken reproductive organ using ultrasonography. There were 18 hens that used in this study and divided into two groups, 15 hens for brightnessmode ultrasonography imaging and three hens for color Doppler ultrasonography imaging. The 15 hens that were used for brightness-mode ultrasonography divided into three groups based on body weight i.e. 1.2 kg, 1.3 kg, and 1.5 kg, and it’s also divided in two groups based on their age less and more than one year old. The transcutaneous ultrasonography performed in this study. The transducer lubricated by ultrasound transmission gel and positioned on caudal femur with an approximately angle 30 degree against abdomen wall. The results showed that follicles were ease to found and appeared as anechoic oval to round form confined by a hypoechoic layer at left position of ultrasound scanning. Furthermore, follicles were difficult to scanning in hens with age under than a year. The number and size of follicles and eggs were affected by body weight. In-vivo ultrasound image of eggs showed enhancement artifact and specular reflection, while in-vitro ultrasound image of eggs showed acoustic shadowing. The uterine organ showed as an anechoic structure with several parts having multiechoic that representing plica uterina. Further, the color Doppler ultrasound images can be used for identification of ovarium vascularisation profile. In general, it can be stated that ultrasonography is a useful non-invasive supporting diagnostic tool to evaluate the health status of hen’s reproductive organ.


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